Join Me For The Fitness Marketing
Blueprints Q2 Intensive

20th April 2023

1:00 PM BST


You missed out!

Spend 90-Minutes focused on moving your business forward.

Nothing beats blocking time to spend working on your fitness business so why not take advantage of this live workshop to keep you motivated, inspired and working on the right things led by Andrew himself – and you don’t even have to leave your own home!

Every quarter you’ll be invited to attend a virtual intensive to lay down your plans for the next 90 days with crystal-clear clarity, take action on your biggest challenges and get your top questions answered by Andrew himself.

  • Get crystal-clear clarity on your next 90 day game plans
  • Take immediate action on your biggest challenges
  • Get your top questions answered by Andrew himself
  • Surround yourself with a community of likeminded Fit Pros

What you’ll Learn

1: Review

Here we take a moment to reflect on the last quarter - it was full of successes and lessons.

Did you reach your goals? What were some of the biggest things that helped you get there, and what can you learn from them for next time? It promises to be an intriguing look back!

2: the roadmap

Let's embark on a journey and discover the roadmap to success!

Take an in-depth look at your current business, explore possible outcomes, and create achievable goals. 

Unlock the blueprint for 6-figure prosperity - let's get started!

3: Stop. start. stay

Today is a great time to reflect on where you’re spending your time and whether it’s aligned with your mission and goals. 

Without setting dedicated time to pause and reflect, it’s possible to spend far too long on tasks, projects and strategies that don’t help with your overall goals and mission.

4: success drivers

Fueling your success starts with understanding the 4 essential drivers that can make or break it.

Take a closer look and identify what's driving you to peak performance - then double down on those areas and work through any potential weaknesses!

5:90-day intent plan

Let's get ready to turn your vision into reality! In the next 90 days, what do you want to achieve? What steps will help guide you towards this goal and maximize your success in the upcoming quarter? It all starts with creating a roadmap now and following through consistently. Here’s to reaching new heights and conquering any challenge that comes along for an exciting ride ahead!.

6: wrap up

With your plan in place, you can launch confidently into action and reach success!

We'll ensure all of your questions are answered so that nothing stands between you and accomplishment.

Join Me For The Fitness Marketing
Blueprints Quarterly Intensive

If you are struggling to carve out time to focus on your Fitness Business, don’t feel bad. You’re not alone. Many Personal Trainers get caught up in the day to day of running their business. When time and expertise are limited, dedicating time to work ON your business feels like a luxury, not a necessity.

Conquer Your Business To-Do List by attending the Fitness Marketing Blueprints Quarterly Intensive and take full advantage of blocking out 90-minutes of focused work and planning that will provide you with the perfect platform to smash your goals for the next quarter.