Hi! I'm Andrew...

I'm a heart-fuelled Business Mentor, Marketing Coach & Mindset Coach, empowering fitness business owners to make an impact doing what they love! 

My Mission

I’ve made it my mission to revolutionise the fitness marketing industry, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to lead the transition towards local search marketing.

My goal is to ensure we provide personalised fitness marketing, coaching and consultancy  solutions to many thriving fitness businesses across the U.K and beyond!

People are the key to unlocking effective and sustainable marketing solutions. Even the best platforms fail without a sound marketing strategy.

I proudly offer a combination of strategy, solutions and the right people with my ultimate goal to attract and generate more quality leads for fitness businesses, both large and small.

I care about one thing, and one thing only: getting new clients for your business.

That’s it.
I can help you stop wasting time chasing non-desirable, low-quality “leads”, that don't show or can’t pay.

It is my strong belief that digital advertising is the single most powerful strategy a fitness business owner has to generate new business in the 21st Century.

Get the marketing hacks that will turn your marketing content from boring to "take my money!" riveting. And yes: you can do this even if you aren't a professional marketing geek.


How To Create An Irresistible (& Profitable) Fitness Brand!

Discover the 3-step marketing system you can implement immediately to attract more clients, more profits & more freedom doing what you love!

Who is Andrew Wallis


Grow Your Fitness Business Without Selling Your Soul!

When you create a “dream” business that’s the perfect reflection of you, your values and your purpose, not only does it sound good, and look good – it ultimately “feels” good.

I also know, that when we embrace what makes us unique, we are free to truly shine in life and business.

That’s why I’ve made it my role coaching and supporting fitness business owners to build “feel-good” businesses.

I help you identify your “star qualities” and develop your unique voice, so you can effortlessly communicate from the heart and attract an audience of raving fans.

Most importantly, I’ll show you how to market with meaning and attract consistent clients, so business always feels like you’re grooving to your favourite tune.

Love to captivate, connect and convert MORE dream clients?

How I Help My Clients

Today, I combine my 9 years of online business, marketing, leadership and transformational coaching skills, to empower those people who choose to define their place in the fitness industry.

I teach them how to master their messaging, marketing and mindset, so they build a profitable business that feels good AND brings in those dream clients every month! 

Are you ready to shine in business and in life?

Putting Your Business First

I always put the needs of your business at the heart of everything I do. This is why all the results I have achieved for my clients are sustainable and based on established and accepted good marketing practices.

Earning your trust is the secret to a successful and fruitful working relationship, so I’ll never exaggerate what I can achieve, just to get your business. Instead, I’ll come back to you with a set of realistic and achievable options based on your budget. If you think you can do better elsewhere, I won’t pressure you with a hard sell.

Forget About Vanity Metrics

Building an successful fitness business that will serve you well into the future isn’t about the number of social media followers you have. Good marketing should always look to build brand awareness amongst your target market. This means thinking in the long term as well as the short to medium term.

Note: I will not only help you create a brand identity that is tailored to your business, but we’ll help you establish it across a range of online channels and platforms.

My Values

Client Focused

I work with people and businesses that want great results – then I work hard to achieve them

Results Driven

I strive to create great work and strategies that position my clients as leaders in their field.


I'm passionate about my work and never waiver in my quest to inspire my clients – and their clients.. 


Clear communication, real business relationships, no jargon agreements and no lock in contracts.


Once Upon A Time

Having ran my own business and consulted with hundreds of business owners over the past 9 years, I understand what it takes to move the needle to drive major gains in traffic and revenue.

I am proud to have the support of a team of highly intelligent industry experts who understand the complexities of campaigns and can communicate clearly with my clients.

Our straightforward approach – grounded in the development and execution of clear KPIs enables us to gain the trust of our clients for their digital marketing needs.

My team are hardworking but approachable-grounded people who are the backbone of the business.

From time to time, we may have to work back late to help meet client deadline’s but we are also the team that will be celebrating our clients success as a team.

I feel privileged to work with some inspiring professionals who I know our clients can rely on daily for business growth.

Real Success Stories

 I can't recommend Andrew highly enough. Anyone thinking about coming on board with him, I urge you to take the plunge. He's one of the most genuine, caring, understanding guys you'll meet. No judgments, he meets you where you're at with your business. I just want to say thanks mate. You’ve helped me through some really tough times and now I have a clear action plan.


Dave Hart

Kaizen Performance

Since working with Andrew I have seen real advancements in my knowledge, clarity of direction and business growth. Andrew is a fantastic business coach, who shares his experience and expertise. Rather than him making you fit into his mould, he listens to what you actually want your business to look like and works with you to help you get to where you want to go.

Dan Jones

Instinct Wellness

In just 3 months working with Andrew, he has given me complete clarity, and helped me set goals with action plans for the next 90 Days.

For the first time in years, I feel like my business has purpose and systems, and is now much more efficient.

Working with Andrew has been a lot of fun and is one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

Patrick Jones

Personal Trainer

A Few Of My Favourite Things...

Coffee and Craft Beer

Coffee is my daily kick-starter and an ice cold pale ale is my go-to drink on a night out with mates. Give me a strong stove-top coffee, some great beats, and a working space with an awesome view, and I’m powered to go for hours like the Duracell Bunny.


I’m a junkie dedicated to self-growth and personal development, a lover of using workout tools such as kettlebells, TRX, sandbags and bodyweight, collector of first day covers and phone cards, and life-long learner of all things marketing.

Uplifting Escapes

When you’re a die-hard nature lover, regularly escaping to to find the next beautiful vista (be it mountains, the sea or the city is a non-negotiable. My destination wish-list is a mile long, and I’m on a mission to tick off every spot!

Binge-Worthy Drama

A cup of tea, a couple of chocolate hob nobs and a gripping piece of TV with Sheena is my chill out of choice. I can binge-watch Amazon Prime or Netflix series like a true Vikings warrior! Whatever did we do before online streaming? Lol.

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