What We Do

Most personal trainers feel overwhelmed and confused about how to market their business so that it grows and stands out from the competition.

At Andrew Wallis Consultancy, we utilize storytelling marketing and give you a step-by-step marketing plan to get more clients and leads online and be seen as the clear leader in your niche.

Andrew Wallis


You are a personal trainer who wants to build a successful business and be seen as the go-to expert in your industry or niche. 
In order to do that, a marketing plan that consistently works to bring in new leads and grows your fitness business.
The problem is you are too busy running your business to consistently focus on your marketing and even if you made the time to work on it, have no idea where you should be spending your time or what you should be doing to get new business.
This makes you feel frustrated that others in the industry are viewed as leaders when you have more experience and knowledge than they do.  

I believe your marketing should be simple, consistent, scalable, and get results!

I know how frustrating it can be to see others in the industry have more success online just because they are better at marketing what it is they do.
You are a true expert and deserve to be viewed and sought out as one without having to spend all day creating the latest “TikTok dance trend video”
That is why I have worked with hundreds of personal trainers and fitness studio owners to build the Fitness Business Blueprint Plan that grows their business and helps them to stand out as the leaders in the industry or niche.

How it works...

STEP 1: Schedule your marketing kick-off session.

Pick the time that works best for you so we can discover more about your business and the goals you have for it.

STEP 2:  Get your marketing game plan.

I will design a step-by-step marketing plan specific to YOUR business, YOUR goals, and YOUR schedule.

Review of 1 Page Marketing Plan by Allan Dib
STEP 3: Execute & Dominate!

 Together we will implement the plan to get consistent leads coming in and position YOU as THE leader in your niche utilizing storytelling marketing.

Successful business owners

Schedule a call now!

...so you can stop wasting time on marketing that doesn’t work and start growing your business and be seen as the clear leader in the fitness industry.

About  Andrew Wallis

Andrew Wallis is a man on a mission to help personal trainers and fitness studio owners GROW their businesses and DOMINATE their area. He and his partner Sheena have been together for 29 years.

Andrew is a marketing consultant and trusted advisor for many fitness professionals, helping his clients use storytelling marketing to better connect with their clients and stand out online.

He is witty, energetic, and professional with a deep desire to help others in the fitness industry achieve success. Andrew's passion is to see people reach their full potential and he utilizes his gift of storytelling to do just that.

Friends describe him as an Action-taker, lover of great coffee, classic rock, adventure travel, and fitness professional who wants to change the world! Oh, and he’s a DIEHARD Man Utd fan.


Why Work with Me

Putting Your Business First

I always put the needs of your business at the heart of everything I do. This is why all the results I have achieved for my clients are sustainable and based on established and accepted good marketing practices.

Earning your trust is the secret to a successful and fruitful working relationship, so I’ll never exaggerate what I can achieve, just to get your business.

Instead, I’ll come back to you with a set of realistic and achievable options based on your budget. If you think you can do better elsewhere, I won’t pressure you with a hard sell.

Forget About Vanity Metrics

Building an successful fitness business that will serve you well into the future isn’t about the number of social media followers you have. 

Good marketing should always look to build brand awareness amongst your target market. This means thinking in the long term as well as the short to medium term.


I will not only help you create a brand identity that is tailored to your business, but we’ll help you establish it across a range of online channels and platforms.

My Values

Client Focused

I work with people and businesses that want great results – then I work hard to achieve them

Results Driven

I strive to create great work and strategies that position my clients as leaders in their field.


I'm passionate about my work and never waiver in my quest to inspire my clients – and their clients.


Clear communication, real business relationships, no jargon agreements and no lock in contracts.

Want to get Unstuck?

Starting and growing a fitness business can be hard, and sometimes you might feel stuck. Your Next Step Cheatsheet has been designed to help driven fitness business owners like you get unstuck. Download below, it's free.