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Your go-to source for practical, effective marketing strategies to grow your fitness business! With each episode, we break down simple, proven marketing techniques that work - no fluff or complicated jargon. 


Ep.29: How to Create Systems for Your Personal Training Business: Tips and Strategies

Ep.28: A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a TikTok Marketing Strategy for Personal Trainer

Ep.27: How to Make a TikTok That Sells Your Personal Training Services

Ep.26: Local Marketing Strategies for Your Small Business

Ep.25: How to Build a Strong Personal Brand as a Personal Trainer: Tips and Tricks

Ep.24: Mastering Time Management as a Personal Trainer: Tips for Maximizing Your Productivity

Ep.23: Growing Your Personal Training Business in 7 Simple Steps- Fitness marketing Blueprints

Ep.22: Fitness Marketing: 9 Creative Ideas to Market Your Gym

Ep.21: 13 Powerful Local Marketing Ideas That Work For Gyms- Fitness marketing Blueprints

Ep.20: 10 Ways to Market Your Personal Training Business For Free- Fitness marketing Blueprints

Ep.19: 7 Creative Fitness Marketing Ideas you Shouldn’t Miss to Attract New Clients in 2022– Fitness Marketing Blueprints

Ep.18: Top 6 Marketing Methods That Actually Work for Gyms


Ep.15: How to Market a Gym on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook | Step by Step Tutorial for Beginners

Ep.14: How Often Should You Post on Social Media?– Fitness Marketing Blueprints

Ep.13: 10 Ways To Create A Strong Social Media Presence For Your Gym– Fitness Marketing Blueprints

Ep.12: Marketing My Fitness Business – Social Media Tips For Starting Out 2022– Fitness Marketing Blueprints

Ep.11: Gym Marketing for Beginners – How To Do Market Research For Free – Fitness Marketing Blueprints

Ep.10: 11 Brilliant Ways You Can Grow Your Fitness Business Online (Marketing Ideas) – Fitness Marketing Blueprints

Ep.9: Ways To Market Your Gym for Free in 2022 – No Ads, Social Media or SEO Required – Fitness Marketing Blueprints

Ep.8: What Type of Content Works Best for Gyms on Social Media? – Fitness Marketing Blueprints

Ep.7: The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media for Gyms and Studios – Fitness Marketing Blueprints

Ep.6: Which Social Media Platforms are Best for Gyms? – Fitness Marketing Blueprints

Ep.16: How to Market Your Fitness Studio in 2022: 13 Strategies That Work BEST

Ep.5: The Best Times to Post On Different Social Media Platforms – Fitness Marketing Blueprints

Ep.4: How to Win with Social Media For Your Gym – Fitness Marketing Blueprints

Ep.3: How To Use Social Media To Drive Traffic To Your Website – Fitness Marketing Blueprints

Ep.2: How to Set up a Social Media Marketing Plan for Your Gym or Studio

Ep.1: How To Get More Followers on Instagram


I'm Andrew

Meet Andrew Wallis, a passionate fitness entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in the industry.

Andrew has dedicated his life to helping people achieve their health and fitness goals through his expertise as a personal trainer and his work as a fitness business consultant.

With a keen eye for marketing and a deep understanding of what it takes to build a successful fitness business, Andrew has helped numerous trainers and gym owners grow their businesses, reach more clients, and achieve their goals.