Social Media Marketing Tools

#1  Facebook Ads Course

What is it?:  Once you have an offer that converts, you need massive amounts of targeted traffic who want to buy what you are selling, too!  Today, Facebook ads are the best option and this FB ads course is the #1 way to scale.

Why do I recommend it?: This free training will teach you the 3 secrets to running profitable Facebook ads and scaling your ads, fast.  This is a simple strategy that works in every niche and business type. 

Once your funnel is live you need to be running paid traffic to test, improve and drive sales.  This is the way!

Podcast Guest Booking Service

What is it?: Matchmaker.fm is a platform that offers the podcast industry free and easy connections to shows and guests. With it's simple search and easy functionality it's no wonder it's been dubbed by many as 'Tinder for podcasters

Why do I recommend it?: MatchMaker's podcast guest booking service gets you featured on popular podcasts with zero hassle. Since using it myself, I have managed to book myself onto over a dozen podcasts as a guest with relative ease.