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I was reading Simon Sinek's new book "Together is Better" at the weekend.

As you might expect, it's packed full of little gems but one quote that really stood out for me is the following...

We achieve more when we chase the dream instead of the competition.

simon sinek

Author of "Together is Better"

There is a difference between companies that have internal politics and companies that have purpose and cause.

The people inside the companies with politics are fighting against themselves.

team work - together is better

The ones with purpose are fighting together.

It is the same with companies obsessed with their competitors versus companies obsessed with their vision.

[quick side note: “being number one” is not a vision]

Companies obsessed with what their competition is doing are always reacting or trying to outpace another company.

Companies obsessed with their vision are always working to outpace themselves.

These companies also understand that sometimes they are ahead and sometimes they are behind.

"We achieve more when we chase the dream instead of the competition." - Simon Sinek, Author of 'Together is Better'

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Less distracted by the ups and downs of the short term, their obsession is the long term. It is the difference between trying to win every battle and trying to win the war.

And no one knows when the war will end.

This is why the visionary companies eventually outpace and outlast the competition.

It's the start of a new week, so focus on what your dreams are, re-set your goals if needs be, and let's have an awesome week

About the author, Andrew Wallis

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