SEPTEMBER – Autumn Relaunch




The end of September sees another small spike in demand. Use the change in seasons and increased interest as an opportunity to launch new products or services.

September - new Products or Services

"The end of September sees another small spike in demand. Use the change in seasons and increased interest as an opportunity to launch new products or services." - Andrew Wallis, CEO & Founder of Fitness Marketing Blueprints 

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Offer free sessions, taster samples, and introductory pricing to encourage members to try something new. Bonus points if you can theme it around pumpkin spice lattes or changing leaves!

September Story Idea Prompts 

  • September is back-to-school time in the Northern Hemisphere. People have returned from their holidays and they want to get back on track after the Summer Holidays.

    This is a great month to pitch stories related to being more efficient and accomplishing goals.

more efficient and accomplishing goals

  • If your business is related to parents, take advantage of the back-to-school theme and pitch stories that provide parenting advice.

    You could offer some nutritious out-of-the-box lunch ideas (September is also National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month in the US). 

  • As the kids are back at school, parents can sigh relief and can think about getting back on track with their fitness – challenges and reactivation campaigns work well at this time. 

National Organic Month

  • National Organic Month takes place in the UK in September.

    As fitness professionals we know the importance of good, clean and healthy nutrition so perhaps you can put together a handy grocery shopping list to be used at one of your local supermarkets (or even better – suggested stalls to visit at a local farmers market).

    Or maybe you can put together a lead gen report on the 5 reasons to buy organic fruit and veg? 

  • World Alzheimer's Day is on 21st September. Dementia affects almost 50 million people worldwide and currently there is no cure. What could you do to generate awareness?

    How about offering a free group workout or run a class and have attendees make a donation to a local dementia charity?

  • World Suicide Prevention day is on 10th September. I was shocked to learn that one person dies every 40 seconds by suicide!

    If you are inspired to help show support, perhaps you might like to get a team together to join the World Suicide Prevention Day Cycling Around the Globe event?

  • September is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month in the US so it’s an ideal time to create content related to these issues.

National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

  • International Day of Peace is in September. One idea might be to write a story on how to find inner peace.

    Or how about a story on how to stay “zen” even when your life feels chaotic (as if often does in September)?

About the author, Andrew Wallis

From two decades in the corporate world to finding my freedom in fitness, I'm known as Braveheart—a Personal Trainer turned marketing maestro for Fitness Professionals. I'm all about unlocking potential and empowering Fit Pros to grow their businesses. 'Finding Your Freedom' isn't just a mantra; it's a collective journey I embark upon with my clients.

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